Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I have been trying to teach Daisy good manners, my mother on the other hand is not concerned with such things. She started letting Daisy lick her dinner plate when she was done with it. After one evening of plate licking Daisy was hooked. The next night she was whining, whimpering and barking. I took her outside in case she needed to go to the bathroom but the whining continued when she returned inside. My mom thought she just wanted to sit on the couch with us. As soon as her feet were on the couch she pounced on my mom's plate and landed with a clatter. Immediately she started eating everything off my mom's plate. I told my mom she was not allowed to let her lick her plate anymore. Which of course didn't stop her from doing it the very next night!

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Loren said...

Joe and Arliss and I just saw little Daisy for the first time! Congrats! She is just beautiful! You must be so happy!