Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bully Sticks

Recently the kind people at Best Bully's contacted me and asked if I'd like a free Bully Stick for Daisy to try. We have been purchasing similar sticks at Petsmart and in our household they are known as the "good bones". They are Daisy's absolute favorite so of course I said I'd love a free sample! I was expecting just a single bone but not only did they include 2 of the 6 inch bully sticks they also sent 2 of the large ones for Daisy to try.

Before I even opened the box Daisy was circling it and sniffing it. She knew what was inside! She was VERY excited for me to open it and share the contents with her. No surprise to me, but she LOVED her new bully sticks. Notice the discarded rawhide bones in the background. We will definitely be placing an order with Best Bully's next time Daisy is running low on good bones. Their prices are much better than petsmart. 2, 12 inch sticks at petsmart are $13.99! At best bully you can get the 12 inch stick for a mere $1.79 a piece, what a big difference!

Thanks for the free samples Mike!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Daisy is Famous!

Earlier this year I was contacted by Meg Frost of Cute Overload saying she was considering using one of the photos I submitted of Daisy for the 2009 calendar and was hoping to get my permission (in exchange for a free calendar). On Friday I received a package containing you guessed it, the 2009 cute overload calendar. There were tens of thousands of photos sumbited and Daisy's photo was selected! She is January 20th! She does not seem fazed by her new found celebrity!