Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Growing like a weed!

I can't believe how much Daisy has grown in the few weeks I have had her. She is up from 3.6 lbs to a whopping 5 lbs.She has finally grown into her XS tshirt I bought for her. See, she's huge! She is finally big enough to wear an XS!

This picture was taken a few days after I got daisy, and the shirt is just hanging off of her. She kept crawling out of it through the neck hole. That is how big it was on her.
I took this one a few days ago, see how nicely she fills out the tshirt now?
Even though I think her "dogsled champion" shirt looks adorable on her, she doesn't seem to care for it.


mypugsblog said...

Oh my goodness! So cute! Welcome to the crazy world of pugs! Can I add your sweet pug baby to my blog?

Michele said...

Thank you!

Of course!