Thursday, August 17, 2006

Daisy has been tagged!

Hello all!
I have been tagged by my friend Daisy to tell five weird things about me.

1. Carrots are one of my absolute favorite treats! I know other dogs that like them but everyone always seems surprised when they see me snacking on them.

2. My best friend is a huge german shepard. We are sort of an odd looking pair, but we just love to play together!

3. I have been known to sneak into the kitty litter box for some "snacks", humans seem to find it rather gross for some reason.

4. I remember at EVERY house I visit, where the cat's food is kept and immediately upon arrival dash over to eat it.

5. I love to sit in the dishwasher and "pre-rinse" all the dirty dishes. I am such a good helper!

I'll tag:
Bandit & Paisley

That's all I can think of, everyone seems to have been tagged already!

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